About Bed Boss

Never heard of the BedBoss brand of high-quality mattresses and pillows?

You’re not alone.

Here in the northwest, we get that a lot.

BedBoss was started in Crossville, TN, almost six years ago as a little company with a big idea: manufacture the highest quality mattresses possible while striving daily to lower the price.

  • Nearly six years later, that idea is catching on.

BedBoss is growing into new markets and reaching dozens of new retail outlets every month.

If you find a retailer that you think would be a good fit for BedBoss products in the northwest, we’d love to hear about them.

Please take a moment to contact us.

And, keep your eyes out for the BedBoss brand. A great idea rarely stays a secret for very long.

Client Testimonial

My nighttime arthritis pain is gone. I never imagined a mattress could reduce my daily intake of pain pills by two-thirds.

- Gary M –Nampa, ID

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Bedboss 10 Year Warranty