Northwest Mattress

Northwest Mattress is a wholesaler selling in volume to furniture and mattress stores.

Occasionally, we create affiliate relationships with:

  • retailers
  • hospitality companies
  • and medical professionals

to allow these affiliates to offer our products to the general public.

This site has been developed to facilitate those relationships.


We conducted intensive research on the memory foam market.  What we found was that prior to Northwest Mattress the market was divided into two camps:

  • Those whose primary focus was quality, regardless of price (of which there was only one);
  • Those whose primary focus was  price, regardless of quality – as long as it was good enough to sell (there are dozens in this category).

This clear dichotomy has made it extremely easy for the one company focused on quality to set itself apart.

It’s also made it extremely difficult for a newer brand to help the consumer understand why and how it is different from the dozens who don’t make quality a goal.

We were delighted to find that while Northwest Mattress was extremely aggressive in bringing affordable prices to the consumer, it was also uncompromising as to quality.  We truly believe our product line is:

  • The lowest priced product on the market for the quality
  • And, it’s the highest quality at any price.

That’s a rare and exciting position in which to find oneself.

We hope this site provides you all of the information you were looking for.  If not, feel free to ask us a question.

We further hope you enjoy your new bed.  We love hearing the stories of those whose sleep has been revolutionized by a quality mattress.

To your health and happiness,

Northwest Mattress Distributors