Ten years ago, Ben Folkins was a small business owner in Crossville, Tennessee, running a successful retail mattress store.

Recognizing the success of some of the large brand-name manufacturers, and seeing a trend toward increasingly expensive bedding, Ben had a thought:

What if he could produce a mattress of equal quality to some of the best on the market, but do it at a cost far below what anyone else was producing?

Instinctively, he knew the answer would come not just in a superior mattress, but in superior logistics and distribution technology.

Half a world away, a young Chinese graduate student, James Ni, was preparing to put his degree in machinery to work.

In the course of his studies, James had become fascinated by some emerging technologies in mattress design and manufacture.

In particular, he noticed that manufacturing methods for memory foam created expensive, unnecessary waste.

  • What if he could design quality machinery that would eliminate some of the inefficiencies in memory foam production?  W
  • hat if he could improve on the current quality while simultaneously reducing its cost of production?

Over the years, Ben’s U.S. mattress distribution grew.  Relentless in his pursuit of improved logistics, he streamlined delivery systems.  He worked tirelessly to understand the needs of the small business retailer.

  • How do we get it there faster, cheaper and more reliably than our competitor?
  • How do we best respond to our dealers’ needs?
  • How do we help the small business owner profit and grow?

These are the questions that keep Ben Folkins awake at night.


Today MLILY USA doesn’t just deliver one of the highest quality bedding lines in the world, but it does so faster, cheaper and more efficiently that any of its rivals.

With distribution centers across the country, about 90% of retail showrooms nationwide can be served in 72 hours or less.

We don’t just construct another mattress.

Instead, we create relationships with our retail partners to deliver an unparalleled affordable, high-quality sleep experience for their customers.

MLILY in it’s native Mandarin is translated Meng Baihe, or Lily in a dream.

The lily is an international symbol of prosperity, unity, and success, while Meng is the word for dream.

It is a fitting name for a company birthed in the dreams of two men.

Each dedicated to creating a brand that allows its distributors and customers to live more balanced and prosperous lives.