Frequently Asked Questions

We normally ship orders within 48 business hours of receipt of the funds from the purchaser. We will notify you of the shipment tracking number the same business day the shipment has occurred. Delivery date is subject to product availability and shipping method; most orders are received within approximately one week.
Sales tax is only collected for products delivered within the state of Idaho and will be added to the final price of applicable orders. Customers residing in other states may be responsible for covering state or local tax, according to their states particular laws.
Northwest Mattress has the easiest and best mattress Return Policy in the industry.  We only carry products in which we are extremely confident.  That’s why, despite our extremely generous return policy, we’ve taken back less than one-half of one percent of the mattresses we’ve sold over the last year. If after trying our mattress for 60 days, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may simply call us for an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization number) and we will begin processing your mattress return. You have from the 60th day to the 120th day to request an RMA number. Please take the full 60 days to get used to your new mattress. Note: We don’t accept RMA requests until after a full 60 day trial. NOTE:  Northwest Mattress does not re-sell a mattress which has been returned to us. All of our returns are either donated to charity or otherwise provided to organizations in need. Ordering the correct size, model, and thickness of a mattress is the responsibility of the customer. Please measure your bed frame or platform and make sure you order the correct size. We do not accept returns for incorrectly ordered mattresses. If you have any doubts, please feel free to give us a call so that we can help you pick out the correct size and model mattress.
Yes. The manufacturer’s product warranty covers workmanship, manufacturers' defects, and materials for a period of 10 years. Mattresses must be supported by a firm, flat foundation including but not limited to a foundation box, box spring, platform bed with adequate slats, or the floor. offers a warranty on Products as stipulated, and unless explicitly stated otherwise, for applicable Products (i) sold to original customers only, and (ii) if the request for warranty is received within the corresponding number of stipulated calendar days from the date of original invoice. For warranty applicable returns, if exchange or repair is not available, credit will be issued to the purchaser's credit card. Purchaser is responsible for return shipping. Any missing product or product which has been physically processed in any way beyond the originally shipped condition may result in a decrease or full forfeiture in replacement value. does not warranty used, as is, production fallout, or repair stock conditions.
No. Unlike many manufacturers who require that you buy a matching foundation or risk voiding the warranty, we only carry mattresses that allow you to use any flat, level base to support your mattress.  Our customers prefer either to use their existing foundation or to buy one locally.  Shipping costs unnecessarily raise the cost of acquiring a simple, inexpensive foundation.  The other option is to purchase a foundation on-line that you must assemble at home.  We find that this type of foundation sacrifices structural support in favor of making a shippable product.  Rather than provide you with an inferior product which is easy to ship, we recommend you purchase a quality foundation locally, if necessary.  Any firm, flat foundation, including but not limited to a foundation box, box spring, platform bed with adequate slats, or the floor, will provide adequate support for your new mattress. If you do not have a foundation box already or yours is not in good condition, one can be purchased at your local mattress or furniture retailer for approximately $40-$150.
The most common concern with a Memory Foam mattress is the increased likelihood of feeling warm at night.  This is due primarily to Memory Foam's high density making it harder for heat to escape.  The denser the foam is, the greater the potential for restricted airflow. Our mattresses use a semi-open cell structure which allows heat to escape creating a more comfortable sleeping environment. NorthwestMattress' Genuine Memory Foam mattresses use the most supportive and slowest recovery memory foam that still dissipates heat via a semi-open cell structure.  Furthermore, NorthwestMattress' top layer of Bamboo Infused Memory Foam closest to the surface, along with a layer of quilting, substantially reduces the potential for trapped heat.
Memory Foam was created in the 1970’s by NASA.  Scientists were commissioned in the development of new material to reduce the impact and injury of space travel.  The result was foam with high-energy absorption and the ability to dissipate the pressure on impact.  Visco Elastic Foam was created for astronauts' flight chairs to help reduce pressure points created by G-forces that are generated during takeoff.  In the 1980’s Memory Foam hit the commercial markets in the areas of medical seating cushions, mattresses, and pillows. Memory foam is produced under several names.  Its technical name is visco-elastic polyurethane foam (often shortened to “visco”).  Several manufacturers have trademarked their own trade names for essentially the same material.  For instance, Tempur-Pedic (one of the leading producers of memory foam) produces it under the names Tempur-Foam, Tempur-Material or Temp-Foam in an extremely successful effort to distinguish itself from the pack and create a perception of higher quality. Memory Foam allows every square inch of the body to be supported and reduces skin pressure as a result. It enables natural movement at night by absorbing energy during transfer of movement.  Memory foam molds to the body and has the ability to conform to the body's shape and then return to its natural shape. Our specially formulated high quality memory foams maximize weight distribution, reducing pressure points on the body.  This spreads your weight evenly completely removing pressure points.  New formulas from 2nd generation memory foam keep it from retaining more heat.  The density (weight measurement of the substance in each square foot) can be a measure of quality, but medium to slow recovery time is the best indicator of maximum support.